Wahhabi Contention: Asharis do not refute Shirk

Wahhabi Contention: The threat of worshipping other than the True God (i.e., shirk) is actually much more real and pronounced, and it is for this reason that literally thousands of verses in the Quran deal with the problem of shirk, whereas only a handful deal with atheism. We only wish the Asharis took on refuting shirk with the same passion and zeal that they do in determining what God ‘can’ and ‘cannot’ be characterized with.

Sunni Response: The Ahl al Sunnah wal Jama’ah are concerned with the problem of shirk. We want everyone to believe that Allah is not a body. There is no difference between someone who believes that Allah is a body, and says “but I don’t know how,” and a Hindu that only worships one idol that he has not seen yet, and says “I don’t know how.” Both are worshiping something physical that they don’t know the shape of, but that has a shape; they are two things of the same kind. Al-Qurtubi in his commentary in the Quran narrates from his Shaykh Ibn Al-Arabi, the famous hadith scholar of Andalus, regarding those who say Allah has a body: “The sound verdict is that they are blasphemers, because there is no difference between them and those that worship idols and pictures. Thus they are requested to repent from this belief, and if they refuse they are killed” (4/14).

What it comes down to is that it is of extreme importance that you actually worship Allah, not just something that you call Allah. You don’t become a believer in Allah by calling an idol “Allah.” This is the main concern of Ahl al Sunnah wal Jama’ah, and it is a concern about shirk.

Author: Shaykh Abu Adam al Naruiji


3 Responses to Wahhabi Contention: Asharis do not refute Shirk

  1. AMuslim says:

    I m not sure but i have seen here in Pakistan that Salafis dont attribute physical presence of Allah. So if we say that you are different from others they only claim the difference is related to Taqleed & issues like Tasawull and Maulid etc which they consider in category of Shirk n Bidah. Unfortunately, many people/groups claiming to be Sunnis cannot mark the difference between themselves & Wahabis…and say only difference is of Taqleed… and say Wahabis are better muslims than Sunnis since they follow pure practices without any innovations.

    Situation is not getting any better since media is very heavily bombarded by their channels for instance, Peace tv, and some very renowned Dawa scholars belonging to their group propagate false teachings in guise of Dawa.

  2. Abu zayd says:

    The Ash’aris of old were concerned with Tawheed but the ones we see now are not. I say this because most of them are sufis and very ignorant of the realities of shirk. For instance, some of them are saying we can seek aid from the prophet Muhammad (saw) while we know well that he is in his grave.

    The current day Ash’aris are truly ignorant of the tawheed and its requirement. If one wants to study ‘ilm tawheed, Ash’aris require that you study kalam (greek philosophy).

  3. If you can define your terms I will respond to you inshaa’Aļļaah. I just want to see if you know what you are saying before I have any hope that you will understand what I am saying. Please briefly define “sufi”, “shirk”, “kalam” and “greek philosophy,” and don’t just cut and paste things you do not understand. Note that I would like your thoughts, not just spewing out the ideas of your sheikhs. As for seeking aid from someone who is in the grave; your imam Ibn Al-Qayyim says that a person has more power after death than before it, If he is a mushrik, then who remains? After all, it is widely known that all he did was regurgitate the ideas of Ibn Taymiyyah.

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