As-Sanuusiyy in his book ˆUmdatu ‘Ahli-t-Tawfiiq says, “and it is impossible that Aļļaah should lie,

As-Sanuusiyy in his book ˆUmdatu ‘Ahli-t-Tawfiiq says, “and it is impossible that Aļļaah should lie, since His Speech agrees with His Knowledge…. (P.245).” In explaining why it is impossible that Aļļaah could lie he says, “Third, it has been established that Aļļaah is attributed with complete perfection, and truthfulness is an attribute of complete perfection which’s opposite is a flaw, and it is impossible that Aļļaah should be attributed with a flaw, so He must be truthful.(P. 248))”

So As-Sanuusiyy says that lying is impossible for Aļļaah in the mind’s eye, unlike some people claim. For the record, As-Sanuusiyy mentions in the explanation of Aş-Şugħraa, “It is impossible that Aļļaah could lie, because His Speech/Kalaam must agree with His Knowledge, and speech in agreement with knowledge cannot be but truthful (Sħarĥu ‘Ummu-l-Baraahiin, 280)⁠.”

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Refuting the Accusation that Asharis Consider it Rationally Possible for Allah to Lie
Someone asked: The idea that it is not absolutely impossible for Aļļaah to lie is mentioned in some books attributed to famous scholars. Can we seriously consider calling such illustrious `ulema who were masters of `aqida to be kufar and those who deny their kufr themselves kufar?

ˆUmdatu ‘Ahli-t-Tawfiiq. As-Sanuusiyy, Muĥammad ibn Yuusuf. Egypt: Jariidatu-l-Islaam, 1316. <;.

Ĥaasħiyatu-d-Dusuuqiyy ˆalaa Ummi-l-Baraahiin wa Sħarĥuhaa. —. Beirut, Lebanon: Al-Maktabah Al-ˆAşriyyah, 1426.


2 Responses to As-Sanuusiyy in his book ˆUmdatu ‘Ahli-t-Tawfiiq says, “and it is impossible that Aļļaah should lie,

  1. TAS says:

    Salam Alaikum

    I only wonder why it is that people want to defend this concept?

    The REAL IRONY is that people go to ALL LENGTHS to prove that some so called “Ulema” are speaking the TRUTH when THEY make a claim that Allah can lie, hypothetically or really or otherwise.

    In other words, THEY IMPLY THAT:

    THEIR CLAIM that Allah can lie… is the truth… wal eyadhu billah.

    Its really sad and sick when they imply that the creation is speaking the truth in claiming the Creator can lie, wal eyadhu billah. Its not just a logical fallacy, its an absolute insult of the worst kind, to the Creator Himself… not to mention, to human intelligence including their own.

    And then they say its not an insult to imply the “‘aqli possibility” of Allah lying. I want to know if I implied the “‘aqli” possibility of the claimant of such nonsense to be a homosexual or a mental retard, will his/her “loved ones” consider this as an insult or not?!

    Simple Question.

    Laa Hawla walaa Quwwata Illa Billaahil 3aliyyil 3azdheem.

  2. Someone asked: I’ve just seen your article regarding refutation of rational possibility for Allah to lie. I assume you are referring to the article written by xxx. I just wanted to know your thoughts on the article and hence your view on the xxx understanding of this issue.

    Comment: No, I am not aiming at any particular individual. I do not care about who said what, and I am not making accusations to any particular individuals at all, especially since I do not have Islamic proof (i.e. two witnesses) about any particular individual saying any of what I mentioned. I wish the names mentioned only the best, and will continue to go out of my way to think well of them as long as it is Islamically possible. I.e. as long as I do not know who in actual reality wrote what has been written. Anybody can put an article under any name he wishes, especially on the internet. I merely give the rule and its proof, and then those that have an ounce of fear of Aļļaah will take the consequences, and those who do not will not.

    I did not even know that this was an issue of debate until a couple of weeks before writing Refuting the Accusation that Asharis Consider it Rationally Possible for Allah to Lie. I had received several emails asking about the claimed possibility of lying, but ignored them thinking, “this does not enter the mind of normal people, so I do not want to raise it and make them think about something they will probably get through life without thinking of.” Then someone wrote me sending supposed quotes of several people, so I felt forced to answer.

    I think my article covers everything that has been mentioned on the internet about this issue, and answers the shubhaat. If you read it carefully, I think you will probably find the answer you are looking for.

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