Qadari Contenion: Allah does not control our actions

Qadari Contention: Allah, of course, created all from the beginning and actively sustains that creation. But that does not mean that He controls the creation as if it were a robot or a mechanical toy.

Sunni Response: You are drawing an analogy between the Creator and the created. This is one of the principles of the Mu`tazila in these issues. In any case, a robot or a mechanical toy is different from a human in many ways, such as having a feeling of self, and a created perception of free choice. You can build all the robots you like, but these things will always be missing. About this issue, At-Tahaawi said {in brackets}:

{The reality of predestination is a secret of Allah pertaining to His creation. Neither a favored angel, nor a prophet sent has ever been given knowledge of it.} This is because predestination is not something observable, and only Allah has complete knowledge of what is not observable. {To become deeply absolved in and pondering about this} matter of the reality of predestination {is a means to failure} in religion, {a ladder to deprivation and a staircase to transgression} against what Allah has prescribed. {So beware, beware} and avoid this {by} busying yourself with {pondering, thinking and} even {random ideas,} concerning other matters, {for verily Allah has hidden the knowledge of} the reality of {predestination from mankind, and forbade them from seeking it. As Allah said in his book:

لا يُسْأَلُ عَمَّا يَفْعَلُ وَهُمْ يُسْأَلُونَ

Meaning: “Allah is not questioned about what He does, but the created beings are.”(Al-‘Anbiyaa’, 23) {So whoever asked} in scorn or objection, {“Why did He do that?” has rejected the judgment of the Book} of the Quran {and whoever rejects the judgment of the Book has become a blasphemer.}

Authored by Shaikh Abu Adam al Naruiji


2 Responses to Qadari Contenion: Allah does not control our actions

  1. Souphienne says:

    Bismillah wassalam’aleykum Shaykh,

    Some wahabis criticize Ahl As-Sunna(the Ash’aris) for being Jabriya.For them we don’t believe in Free Will for the humans(whereas not believing in free will (a created and specified free will) for us is Kufr).For these Wahabis humans create their own actions.But I have never come accross such a thing amongst the wahabi “scholars”.
    Do you know something about “known” wahabis references stating this and criticizing the Ash’aris on this?


    • I have seen some attacks on the Sunnis, and they contradict themselves a lot, and I have never seen any of them sorting out this issue in a scientific manner. Just rhetoric going here and there. The usual.

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