The Wahabi Box Theory of Emergence (WBTE)

The below article is written to clarify what the wahabis are aiming at in some of their writings. This is needed, since they almost never really define their terms, or clarify what exactly the different viewpoints are in meaning (as opposed to wording). What I have written below aims to clarify what they are aiming at in one particular word game: their concept of “bringing into existence” vs. “creating”.

Before delving into this discussion two fundamental points should be clear regarding the belief of Muslims:

  1. Muslims believe that everything that has a beginning must have been created by Aļļaah, i.e. brought into existence by His Will and Power. This includes every and any beginning of any kind, such as a movement or thought, or a change in shape or color. To claim that any beginning of any kind was not created by Aļļaah is to commit shirk, and makes one a non-Muslim.
  2. Muslims believe that Aļļaah is not in a location, because He is not a body, not something that fills space. He exists without being in space, or in a location in any sense. He is neither in a specific location, nor everywhere. This belief is clarified here in terms of the reasons why this belief is of great importance. However, the following point should be extra clear:

The wahabis falsely believe that Aļļaah has a location. Sometimes they say they do not believe that Allah is a body, but this is just a play with words. Being in a location means being limited to that location, and that necessitates having borders and therefore either being a small dot, or something larger. This is issue is important, because every Muslim must believe that Aļļaah does not resemble His creation. Moreover, believing Aļļaah to be limited in any sense is an invitation to atheism, because the proof of Aļļaah’s existence is based on the existence of bodies. This is why wahabis are often against learning the detailed proofs of Aļļaah’s existence, as has been discussed here.

Having made the above points clear, let us get back to the main topic: the wahabi understanding of the concept of bringing into existence and the word creating.

In short, the wahabi theory is that there are two types of things that have a beginning, i.e. events:

  1. Whatever Aļļaah brings into existence in the world. These are called “created” or “brought into existence”.
  2. Whatever Aļļaah brings into existence, as they falsely believe, in Himself. I.e. in the entity that they worship that is limited to a specific location “up there” and claim is “Aļļaah”. This is the type of event they are referring to when they say that “not everything that has a beginning is created.”

To sum up the wahabi position:

  1. If something is brought into existence in the world, then this can be called both “brought into existence” and “created”.
  2. If something is brought into existence in the thing they falsely believe to be Aļļaah, then this is called “brought into existence”, but it is not “created”.

In other words, according to the wahabis, whether something brought into existence is called “created”, or not, is only a matter of the location of this new existence. I.e. it is a matter of which box it emerges in. This is what I have called, “The Wahabi Box Theory of Emergence”.

There is a very serious problem with this pathetic play with words. It means they believe that Aļļaah is a location for created events. Yes, I said “created” events. After all, the essential meaning of creating is that Aļļaah brings into existence by His Power and according to His Will. Where the thing or event comes into existence makes no difference to the essence of this meaning. I.e. bringing something into existence is to create, no matter where it comes into existence, and believing that Aļļaah is partially created is another blasphemous belief.

The Arabic language does not allow for the wahabi understanding of the word “create”, where it is restricted to only specific locations. Besides being quite obvious, this has been discussed more fully in this article.

The correct Islamic understanding is that:

  1. When one says that Aļļaah brings something into existence, it means that He brings it into existence by His Will and Power.
  2. When one says that Aļļaah creates something it also means that He brings it into existence by His Will and Power.
  3. Where the event brought into existence emerges makes no difference whatsoever to the use of the two phrases “Aļļaah creates” or “Aļļaah brings into existence”.

Why do the wahabis play these word games? It is because they know they cannot say that anything is created in Aļļaah. It will be too obvious to lay people that they are wrong. They thrive on being vague and imprecise.


9 Responses to The Wahabi Box Theory of Emergence (WBTE)

  1. Muhammad says:

    Djazaak Allahu khairan!

  2. The Muhaqqiq says:

    JazakAllahu khayran Shaykh. May Allah bless the rest of your RamaDaan and enable you to see Laylatul-Qadr. Aameen.

  3. Emin says:

    jzk bro

  4. Slimane Bensassi Nour says:


    you wrote ( if something is brought into existence in the thing they falsely believe to be Aļļaah, then this is called “brought into existence”, but it is not “created”. )

    This reminds me of what ‘ christians ‘ say about Jesus (alayhi ssalaam). They say ( He was born but not created ).

    I think there is an affinity betrween the two groups : wahhabis and socalled christians on this point!!!

    • Of course, your are right. In basic principles they are very similar.

      • 'Abd-Allah al-Mujaddidi al-Naqshbandi says:

        Actually, the wahabis EXACTLY share the christian belief that “god created man in his image”. One can see some of their top “scholars” regurgitating this very putrid belief based on a deliberately incorrect interpretation of a hadiith.

        Furthermore, the wahabis argue with the christians only to the extent of – “Allah does not have a son”, “It is not befitting His Glory” etc.

        However, they have NO answer and always dodge the question if ever asked WHY Allah does not have a son?

        Of course, THE ONLY acceptable answer to WHY is that it is ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE that something should resemble Him.

        This is also the exact same reason why they can simply never argue with an atheist if he ever asks them the blasphemous question, “Who created (i.e., defined, specified etc.) Allah?” as the dear Shaykh Abu Adam mentioned on another post.

        There “da’wah” is nothing but manipulative marketing of their putrid beliefs and nothing more, same like pyramid marketing scams.

  5. loveprophet says:

    Salam sheikh,
    I have sent you a very important email just now
    jazakAllah khair

    • Salam,

      Jazaaka Allaahu Khairaa for being on guard for your religion. I took a look at this guy allowing Muslim women to marry non-Muslim men. However, he explicitly and arrogantly admits that no scholar at all agrees with him. Someone who will still follow him after admitting that – well, I just don’t think that such a person can be convinced. However, I’ll give it some thought. As for him allowing dogs as pets, this is not such a big deal, because Imam Maalik says that dogs are not najis.


  6. jasoo4 says:

    Great, great piece on this wahabi problem!!! Thank you, may Allaah bless you brother :)

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