The difference between wahabi creed and Islaam III: what the scholars said about their belief

An important reply has been posted at this link regarding takfiir of anthropomorphists.

4 Responses to The difference between wahabi creed and Islaam III: what the scholars said about their belief

  1. Ibrahim says:

    Assallam wahlaykum,

    Im a Samoan convert,mashallah im very pleased to see comments on your site,with all these so – called religions,an other sects or divisions in islam, none of them have creed (akeedah)like as mention on your site,eg,Allah exist without a place,he is not abody, volume,demension,as doesnt resemble the creations in any way,etc that to me is proof on its own,theres only One creed (akeedah) that ur akeedah is without a dought the same as mine, alhumdulelah

  2. Ibn Anwar says:

    Assalamu’alaikum Sheikh Abu Adam. What is the correct understanding concerning what Imam Abul Hasan al-Ash’ari said:
    “كذب موسى عليه السلام في قوله: إن الله سبحانه فوق السماوات” (al-Ibanah)

    Your assistance will be much appreciated, JazakAllah.

    • wa3alaykumussalaa,

      There is no authentic copy available of this book, so there is no point in busying oneself with it. The creed of Abu-l-Hasan is known through his school that continues until today and is taught by mashaayikh. The Al-Ibaanah copies have been played with by the anthropomorphists. If Abu-l-Hasan had actually said some of the incredibly stupid statements in that book, then this would have been a very famous issue mentioned by the historians, because he was a very famous imam already in his own time. Al-Kawthariyy mentions that all the copies today stem from one single copy that was in the library of an anthropomorphist, and rightly comments that if this book as found to day was actually written by him, then there would be no reason left for the wahabis and their ilk to hate him! As an example, the great hadith scholar Ibn ˆAsaakir related some parts of al-Ibaanah in his “takdhiib kathib al-Muftariy”, and these quote differ from what is present in some of the copies today.

  3. Muhammad says:

    I cannot agree more. Part of scholastic observation, there are descriptions given in al-Ibaanah about Allah s.w.t. which are non-Quranic and do not come from Hadith e.g. Allah has two eyes and he is Saakin al-Arsy. There is no daleel which mentioned these two about Allah. Subhanallah!

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