Q&A: the ranks of the prophets

On Sat, Sep 13, 2008 at 4:55 AM, someone wrote:

hi, i would like to ask which prophet allah loves the most or has high status and why? and on Judgment Day do all prophet get the same rewards?

No, there is differences between the prophets in rank and reward, but all of them have very high rank, higher than any other beings. This is according to Aļļaah’s decree, He gives some people more than others. The highest ranking prophet is Muĥammad followed by Ibrahiim, Moses, Jesus and Noah.

Note that Aļļaah is not something that has emotions or is affected by what anybody does. He does not need His creation, even the prophets. The ranks are purely a grace from Him to them. In this regard, Al-Bukħaariy narrated that the Messenger of Aļļaah said: “Your deeds will not put you in Paradise.” They asked: “Not even for you, O Messenger of Aļļaah?” He answered: “No, not even for me, except that Aļļaah will cover me with grace and mercy.” (Şaĥiiĥ Al-Bukħaariy No 5349, 5/2147; ˆUmdatu-l-Qaariy 21/227)


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