Q & A: Twenty Sifaat

Question: Jazakallhu khairan for your beneficial article, The Foundations of Religion. In that article you mentioned the rational proofs for certain of Allah’s (swt) Attributes such as His having Will and Power and so on. But as I understand it, according to the Ash’ari school of thought, Allah (swt) has twenty Attributes. So what are the rational and textual evidences for all of these? And how do they differ with Allah’s (swt) Ninety-Nine names? By saying that Allah (swt) has these twenty Attributes isn’t it contradictory to His ninety-nine names?

The Ash`aris do not say that Allah has only 20 attributes. They say that there are 20 attributes that every Muslim must know, i.e. it is obligatory to know them for each and every Muslim. They are listed and explained in my commentary on the Sanuusiyyah along with evidences. As for the 99 names, these are not the only names, Allah’s names are not limited in number. Allah is not limited in any way. Even in the scriptures there is mention of more than 99.

Authored by Shaykh Abu Adam


3 Responses to Q & A: Twenty Sifaat

  1. Begging to Allaah says:

    Assalamu Wa’laykum

    Can’t the number of names be limited but the attributes or what they are pertaining to is unlimited as a number is a quantity.

  2. Mutakallim says:

    This is the meaning of Abu Hanifah’s statement
    واسمائه صفة له

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