What to put in a Glossary?

as salam `alaykum

Someone had requested some time ago to put up a glossary of difficult terms. Perhaps due to familiarity blindness, I am unable to come up with a list ony my own. Can the readers kindly post in the comments what words they would like to see in a glossary? This will certainly help me and make my job a lot easier.

Jazak Allahu khayran for your support.

Ibn Mazhar


3 Responses to What to put in a Glossary?

  1. Slave of Allah says:

    As-salamu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullahi Ta’ala.

    Ya Sidi, may i ask you?

    As far as i understand, when Shaykh Abu Adam, hafidhahuLlahu Ta’ala, uses word “blasphemy” – it means “shirk” i,e, idolatry. And word “physical” means “material” or “jismiy”. Do i understand correctly?

    May Allah Ta’ala be pleased of you and Shaykh Abu Adam.

  2. Yes, by the words “blasphemy” or “kufr”, I mean a belief, saying or act that makes one a non-Muslim.

  3. Ibrahim al-Maliki says:

    As-salamu alaikum wa rahmatullah, brother.

    I would try to put myself in the shoes of a (newly) converted Muslim, i.e. a Muslim who lacks knowledge of the simplest Arabic and Islamic terms. Thus, you might include terms such as:

    * Kalam and mutakallim/mutakallimun
    * Shirk
    * Kufr and kafir/kuffar
    * Attributes (i.e. a concise explanation of what is meant by attributes in the “theological” sense)
    * ‘Aqida
    * Istawa
    * Kursi
    * Salaf and khalaf
    * Tawhid
    * Ta’wil
    * Tashbih
    * Tajsim
    * Mukhamat
    * Mutashabihat
    * Manhaj
    * Hashiyya, karramiyya, qadariyya, mu’tazila and various sects (i.e. like a short sentence dedicated to each of them regarding their beliefs)

    And so forth.

    Well, that is my two cents. :) I think it would be good to include words and terms that might seem simple to some, but are difficult for others. A great–and important–blog such as yours should be beneficial to Muslims of all kinds and with various degrees of knowledge.

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