Q & A: Is denying well known things, such as the hijab, kufr? – Part II

Question: I think I’m having trouble drawing the line between sin and kufr. If you genuinly in your heart believe something isnt that right but you go and do it anyway that makes you a sinner, but if you believe its wrong, and do the wrong then say its right, that’s kufr?

Answer: The problem is in believing that the Shariah mandates an action as wrong, but not accepting the judgment of the Shariah on that issue. This is because if you truly believed that a particular action was mandated as “wrong” by the Shariah, but outwardly said that it was not wrong to do it, then you willfully denied what you believe the Prophet to have brought to us.

Committing a sinful action, however, is not kufr if one believes it to be sinful, and has no scorn in the heart towards the rule. This is unless the action involves something that only a kafir would do, such as bowing to an idol or stepping on the Quran.

Question: All the rulings of what is haram/halal is found from the Shariah, so where is it all written down for laymen to read?

I suppose you mean the issues of what is kufr? The books of the Hanafi scholars are very detailed on this, but you can also find it other schools’ books. I do not know any good translations of such books. In any case, such issues must be learned from a qualified sheikh.

Authored by Shaykh Abu Adam al Naruiji

3 Responses to Q & A: Is denying well known things, such as the hijab, kufr? – Part II

  1. Sister_Who says:


    JazakAllah khair for answering the question Sheikh*, it makes sense now.

  2. Sister_Who says:

    The asterik is because I accidentally wrote ‘bro’ on the first comment but that didnt go through some how, sorry. :/

  3. Refractory says:

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation :) Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Refractory.

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