Wahhabi Contention: Comparing Allah to Accidents

Wahhabi Contention: The problem is that one takes a non-Quranic evidence as a certain fact, and then uses it to deny or distort what is clearly Quranic (in this case, the Attributes of God). Herein actually lies the main contention that we have with the Asharis. If there is nothing like Him, we should not compare Him to ‘accidents’ or ‘bodies’ but rather simply accept what He says about Himself.

Sunni Response: Actually, if there is nothing like Him, then you must deny that whatever is mentioned in the Qur’aan about the attributes of Allah means Him having a like. Asharis do not deny Allah’s attributes, and they do not compare Allah to accidents and bodies, they deny that He is like them. They deny that His attributes should be quantitative or limited. That is something very different. This does not involve comparison, but knowing the characteristics of creation that makes them need a creator. This is something obvious to even common people, because it simply means that Allah is not limited, not by time and not by place. Rather, He created time and space, and He existed without them before they existed, and He is now as He was before they existed.

Author: Shaykh Abu Adam al Naruiji

2 Responses to Wahhabi Contention: Comparing Allah to Accidents

  1. uponsunnah says:

    but in reality asharis compare allah to his creation before they deny him being like them.
    like yur saying about his hands,face,and shin and so on.
    according to you asharis, allah doesnt have hands cuz we have hands,allah doesnt have a face cuz we dhave a face,Allah doesnt exist because we exist,Allah doesnt see because we see..thats why your aqeedah is jacked up

    • You have no idea what Ashˆariyys say obviously. What you seem to think is that non-resemblance means opposite. It does not mean opposite, it means that Allaah does not have attributes that mean He would need to be specified or exist in something else. Sunnis do not object to ascribing the words “yad”, “wajh,” and so on to Allaah, they object to understanding them as bodily meanings, like shape, weight, volume, boundaries, movement and so on. This is because such attributes need to be specified in terms of quantity and quality. In other words, they need to be created. If you look around you, you will see that the whole world around you is filled with things of different sizes, such as the air, the sky, the earth, animals, plants, humans, etc. These are bodies, because they fill a certain amount of space. Then these bodies have different characteristics in terms of quality and quantity, all of which could have been different in the minds eye. Since the nature of things having size is that they could have been different, we know that they need to be specified, and the human being will seek an explanation. Atheists say the different things in the universe specifies one another over time and space. Muslims say that this cannot be, because creation as a whole needs to be given a beginning. This is because it changes over time, and time or change cannot be beginningless, because that would require finishing infinity before the time we are in today. There are also other proofs.

      For this reason, if you claim that Allaah is a body, i.e. something with size, then you are saying that Allaah Himself needs a creator to specify the quantity. If you deny that, then you are saying that a body does not need to be specified or created. After all, and according to you, if a body as complex as the one you worship can exist without a creator, then what prevents much simpler ones from having no creator? This is the dilemma of you anthropomorphists, and that is why you are so against anyone explaining the Islamic belief rationally, and having a rational and reasoned approach to religious proofs. This is why you resort to lies and misleading rhetoric against Sunnis and even try to hijack the name “Sunni” for yourselves.

      In order to avoid the anthropomorphist dilemma, one must believe that Allaah does not have attributes that need specification, or something to exist in. One must believe that believing in Allaah is believing that His existence is intrinsically necessary to itself, and not depending on something to be in, or being specified by someone else. Therefore, He cannot be a body (something with size.)

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